Battle of the Mountain Pass


A dwarven clan hires a party of adventurers to retrieve a sacred artifact stolen by a ruthless goblin tribe. The goblins have taken refuge in a fortified cave in the mountains. The adventurers must navigate treacherous terrain, face various challenges, and ultimately confront the goblin leader and his forces to recover the artifact.


A legendary dwarven artifact, the Hammer of Grondar, has been stolen by a cunning goblin chief named Gorgak. The artifact is vital to the dwarven clan’s heritage and is said to possess magical properties that ensure the clan’s prosperity. The goblins have hidden the artifact in their mountain stronghold, a series of caves and tunnels fortified with traps and guarded by goblin warriors.


Dwarven Clan Leader (Quest Giver): Thrain Ironfist, a stoic and determined dwarf seeking the return of the clan’s sacred artifact.

Goblin Chief (Main Antagonist): Gorgak, a sly and ruthless goblin leader who commands his tribe with an iron fist.


The campaign occurs in the rugged mountains with steep cliffs, dense forests, and narrow passes. The goblin stronghold is a network of mountain caves filled with traps, ambush points, and treasure.

Plot Outline:

1. Introduction:

The adventurers meet Thrain Ironfist in a dwarven tavern, where he explains the importance of the Hammer of Grondar and offers a generous reward for its return.

The party sets out for the mountain pass, armed with a rough map of the mountain pass provided by Thrain.

2. Journey to the Mountain:

Random Encounters: Along the way, the adventurers face various challenges, such as hostile wildlife (wolves, giant spiders), treacherous weather (snowstorm), and minor goblin scouts.

Skill Challenges: Navigating the mountainous terrain requires successful skill checks (Survival, Athletics) to avoid hazards and stay on course.

3. The Goblin Stronghold:

Entrance: The cave entrance is guarded by goblin sentries. The party must decide whether to sneak past, create a diversion, or engage in combat.

Traps and Puzzles: The tunnels are filled with traps (pitfalls, swinging blades) and puzzles (rune-inscribed doors) that require careful navigation and problem-solving.

Combat Encounters: The adventurers face groups of goblin warriors, shamans, and beasts trained by the goblins. These encounters test their combat skills and resourcefulness.

4. The Final Confrontation:

Gorgak’s Chamber: The party reaches the main chamber where Gorgak resides. The chamber is grand, with the Hammer of Grondar placed on a pedestal. Gorgak is surrounded by his elite guards.

Boss Battle: The adventurers engage in a climactic battle with Gorgak and his forces. Gorgak uses cunning tactics, traps, and the environment to his advantage.

Optional: Reinforcements: If the battle becomes too challenging, Thrain and a group of dwarven warriors could arrive to aid the party.

5. Resolution:

With Gorgak defeated and the Hammer of Grondar reclaimed, the adventurers return to the dwarven clan.

Thrain Ironfist expresses his gratitude, rewards the party handsomely, and offers them honorary membership in the clan.

The campaign concludes with a celebration in the dwarven halls, where the adventurers are hailed as heroes.

NPCs and Monsters:

Thrain Ironfist: Dwarven warrior, AC 18, HP 65, Warhammer +7 (1d8+4), Leadership ability.

Goblin Warriors: AC 15, HP 11, Scimitar +4 (1d6+2), Nimble Escape ability.

Goblin Shamans: AC 13, HP 22, Staff +3 (1d6+1), Spellcasting (Fire Bolt, Shield, Hold Person).

Gorgak: Goblin Chief, AC 17, HP 75, Greatsword +7 (2d6+4), Command ability, traps (falling rocks, spike pits).


Hammer of Grondar: A magical One Handed Warhammer with properties such as increased damage, a chance to stun enemies, and the ability to cast “Shield of Faith” once per day.

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